Rainbow Fruit Flats

Rainbow Fruit Flats are an all natural 100% Australian made product that are taking the market by storm. These tasty and nutritious snacks are hand made from luscious tropical fruits, are fat free and contain no additives, flavourings or colouring of any kind. Each semi-circle Fruit Flat contains 250 grams of fruit making them a fun and tasty energy food for kids, athletes, family and friends.

Rainbow Fruit Flats require no refrigeration, are easy store at home and even easier to pack into your lunchbox, backpack or picnic basket for a take anywhere snack. Kids just love Rainbow Fruit Flats, which have been approved by the School Canteens Association for sales in schools with no restrictions.

Developed in Burringbar, NSW by Stephen Cridland and Kylie Tomlin, Rainbow Fruit Flats are the result of many years of testing and experimenting. The result has been the development of a successful process allowing them to blend a range of tropical fruits into these attractive rainbow semi-circles.

Rainbow Fruit Flats is a family owned and operated business using fruits grown locally and from around Australia. They are 100% pure fruit,  gluten free with  no added sugar or added preservatives. ‎

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