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Woodland Valley Farm

Woodland Valley produces delicious eggs from very happy pastured hens that have the freedom to roam their vast acreage – 300 in all. Owners Fabian Fabbro and Jodie Vicaars  believe in farming for a healthier, sustainable future and relish the  joy of living on the land.  They both love this farming lifestyle as much as their hens love the choice they have to open range or head back to their mobile chicken caravan for shelter and to lay their eggs.

Jodie and Fabian believe that their managed pasture farming system is kinder to the environment and the hens. Manure becomes a valuable asset and constantly enhances the pastures that are maintained in top condition by regular stock rotation. This ensures that manure enriches the soil rather than damaging it through over-stocking. And this is reciprocated with the pastures feeding the hens as they select from a fresh smorgasbord of bugs and insects while pecking, scratching and creating wonderful dirt day spas in shady hide-aways.

Woodland Valley Farm is completely off-grid eliminating any burden on non-renewable resource  in their food production.

Since commencing at the market with their wonderful hen’s eggs they have continued to expand bringing duck eggs, artisan pasta, sauces inspired by Fabian’s Italian heritage and duck egg custard.