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Thanks Dahl

Joel and Laura Drexler created their Dalh Bars after much experimentation. As Joel – who has a great sense of humour says “the journey so far has been a team effort where I create the recipes, Laura does the funky graphics and branding, and our cavoodle Rafi acts as chief taste tester for all the Dahl Bar experiments.”

Their bar mixes are based around roasted chickpeas and a seed and spice mix in 3 flavours – turmeric and cumin, cinnamon and cranberry, and cocoa and coconut. They’re low sugar, high plant protein, vegan and gluten free and can be purchased as a mix so that their customers can create their own dahlicious bars at home or in ready made packs great for nibbling as you go.

As Joel says “they’re an alternative to high sugar, bland tasting energy and muesli bars.”