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Gold Coast Seafood Markets

Fresh local seafood is prepared into interesting packs such as smoked salmon, fresh fish fillets and garlic prawns, by Jan Rohonzinski at her Gold Coast Seafood Markets Cafe at Main Beach.

Jan and partner Brett bought the business four years ago and since then they’ve attracted seafood lovers from near and far.

Their seafood is locally caught with the exception of their popular Tasmanian salmon – from Tassie of course. Jan and Brett source their seafood FRESH from local trawlers and then prepare and package it for us to enjoy.

Jan said that their smoked salmon is prepared to their own secret in-house recipe. The whole salmon is soaked in huge tubs with herbs before being smoked in their special smoking ovens with a special secret wood. You can pick up pre-packed meal size pieces ready for you to take home and enjoy.

Some items such as their garlic prawns and chilli garlic prawns are frozen but most of their seafood is packaged fresh for you. They have a great variety of meal packs including fresh fish fillets, sea scallops – garlic and plain, seafood chowder, frozen prawns, prawn skewers plus bugs and oysters and seafood platters. All these depend on availability. Weather conditions affect what the local trawlers can collect.

While Brett and Jan prepare the seafood, it is the dynamic Patti that you will get to know each Wednesday.