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Rainforest Foods

Rainforest Foods is owned by Anthony Hotson who has been growing a range of native foods including macadamia nuts since 1996. Anthony believes that good food should be natural, authentic and sustainably grown, so he relies on organic inputs and beneficial insect releases to control most crop pests on his farm.

Anthony says that “should we need to use non-organic chemicals to save our crop, we always test our macadamia kernels for any chemical residue and have never found any chemical traces. As we do not like to use non-organic inputs, it is an absolute last resort.”

Each season, Anthony said, they release parasitoid wasps and lacewing monitors in huge numbers throughout the orchard. We enhance habitats for predatory insects where possible around the orchard. We also make between 700m3 & 1,200m3 of compost on the farm each year to apply in the orchard and we have been steadily building up the soil for 15+ years. The great results from consistent compost application is evident in tree health and production.

Rainforest Foods has natural kernels, chocolate coated macas, dry roasted salted kernels as well as macadamia nut butter including mac-cao (maca spread with raw cacao), oil and much more.