Nimbin Valley Dairy
After a long hot scarecrow judging effort Costa enjoys an ice cream from Nimbin Valley Dairy

Nimbin Valley Dairy

Business name: Nimbin Valley Dairy
Vendor: Kerry and Paul
Location: Near Tuntable Falls
Attendance at our market: Weekly

OurProducts_MilkNimbin Valley Dairy stands testament to the lasting tradition of locally produced food. Located on a winding country road between Nimbin village and Tuntable Falls in Northern NSW it is the home of Kerry and Paul who both come from a long line of dairy farmers and share a passion for simple wholesome produce. Kerry’s three sons, together with approximately 300 of the happiest free-ranging goats this side of Capricorn thrive in this lush, rich environment.

Saanen Goats grazing at Nimbin Valley Diary

The goats at Nimbin Valley spend sunny days grazing outdoors across 120 hectares of fertile green pastures, although lately they have been taking refuge from the wet in their sheds and eating hay! Kerry says that their wellbeing is a priority so they are not fed genetically modified food or anything else that the family wouldn’t be happy to eat.

The goats have their own nutritionist, Bill, and vet, Ray, who help keep them happy, healthy and in top condition. Bill makes sure their diet is balanced with the correct amounts of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins. This in turn, ensures they produce the highest quality and best tasting milk. They are currently making the transition to organic status and using a local organic farming consultant to help them do this.

Nimbin Valley Dairy uses farming methods that closely mimic nature. Kerry and Paul are committed to walking lightly on the Earth. The farm’s pastures are nourished by legumes and composted manure, and pests are controlled with biological control methods instead of harmful pesticides.

Kerry says “our commitment is to produce food which is free of chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified ingredients. This requires a different style of farming that takes a little extra time and effort on our part, but we believe that happy and healthy animals provide the best possible milk for us to turn into naturally tasty cheeses. We take the sustainability of our farm very seriously and uphold our commitment to walk lightly on our Earth”. And this is definitely working as their recent cheese awards testify.

Cheesemaker, Paul says “our cheese starts with the freshest milk produced by happy and contented animals in a beautiful and loving environment. I combine this perfect ingredient with my knowledge of cheesemaking to create cheeses of exceptional character”.

“We are very proud of our efforts to date which this year resulted in us being awarded gold medals for our Sweet Goat and Blue Cow in both the Brisbane and Melbourne Fine Food and Wines Shows.”

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