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Leanne Anspach owner of Doggie-licious is dedicated to providing the best baked Doggie Bickies using the cleanest and most natural dry products available. 

Leanne says that “preservatives have no place in our doggies lives and after many years of trying to find healthy treats for our doggies we tried everything, from ‘organic’ to ‘natural’ but nothing quite seemed to be what they were claiming to be.  We wanted good quality ingredients no preservatives and no addictive salt, so one day I just decided if that’s what I wanted I would have to make them myself”.

The business grew organically from request to make their products for family and friends doggies to the emergence of   me Doggie-licious.

Their bickies are 100% Preservative Free and un-treated so they can offer the healthiest options possible.

With such an overwhelming response to our products and an interest in our doggies health we have become extremely passionate about creating awareness of fresh products that contribute to the good health of all Dogs and we are continually sourcing exceptional products to add to our range.