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Blueberry Fields

Blueberry Fields is a family owned blueberry orchard located in the Byron hinterland in northern New South Wales.

Otto, Lynette have been growing blueberries on their farm for more than 30 years. Now with their son Jascha also managing the orchard and with their daughters Emily and Alexia providing scientific and marketing support they have expanded to include raspberries and blackberries.
At Blueberry Fields we have returned to the old fashioned way of farming — growing our plants in organically rich soil. We focus on enhancing and utilising what nature has provided to sustainably grow the best quality nutritious berries that you love to eat. Along the way water, wildlife habitat and biodiversity all benefit.
We are proud to provide safe and fair employment opportunities for local and seasonal workers and thank them wholeheartedly for their support in undertaking essential work.
In addition to farming, we are in the process of planting 15,000 native Big Scrub rainforest trees in corridors on our property to encourage local wildlife and diversity of flora. Lynette loves to birdwatch and, even as a beginner, has identified more than 100 bird species with many more species yet to be identified.