All Natural Meat Co

All Natural Meat Co

Business name: All Natural Meat Co
Vendor: Peter and Lee Smith
Location: Kungher
Attendance at our market: Weekly

All Natural Meat Co is a family run business situated in the foothills of Mt Warning. The Smith family produce quality beef and pork products using ethical and sustainable practices. All Natural Meat Co products are all hormone and antibiotic free, grass fed and free range. The result is healthy animals and quality cuts of meat.

 Not only are Peter and Lee the farmers, they are also the butchers, marketing managers, farming innovators and advocates for sustainable farming. The family is focused on educating consumers on how they look at and think about food and educate farmers to care about the environment for future generations of farmers.  

 All Natural Meat Co recently introduced camels to the property to improve the biology of the farm soil and assist in the health and well-being of other animals on the property. Camel will eat weeds that pigs won’t and their diverse gut enzymes and a split front lip and soft padded feet are fundamental to the family’s cross grazing strategies.

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