Juicy Finger Limes + New Italian Inspired Sauces

What’s NEW at the Market this Week

Finger Limes AND Re Sugo Italian inspired sauces. 

Oops an Update as at Tuesday afternoon: a huge finger lime order from Sydney means our delicious finger limes will start next week. Sorry 😟

Big fat juicy finger limes are arriving at the market this week. This particular variety is the Byron Sunrise grown as a commercial crop by local Tweed grower “Finger Lime Colours’. Bursting with zesty flavour finger limes are rich in folate, potassium, vitamin E and contain three times the vitamin C found in mandarins. Not only are they good for you but they are so popular with chefs now for their unique flavour. They are great in dressings, jams and sauces, cordials and cocktails. And they are a great substitute for lemons or limes in any recipe that calls for them.

Imagine a finger lime aioli or oysters, scallops or sushi topped with the pearls of these lovely finger limes or finger lime with a dollop of honey on yoghurt. Their use is unlimited !

The Finger Lime Colours story is”
It is in the native heart of the Wollumbin Caldera, in the centre of a pristine private wild life sanctuary, established by its parent company Technocratics in 1994, that Finger lime Colours grows its certified organic fruit on a slope overlooking one of the property’s lakes. This is the natural environment of the native finger lime and wild trees grow in the rainforest within a few hundred meters of our orchards.

As you have undoubtedly concluded the farm is on Midginbil Road. It is the world’s first commercial-scale, certified organic finger lime farm.

Cut your finger limes in half, and squeeze up from the bottom to release the pulp to useYou will find Peter Newell with these juicy finger limes with Barry McLean at the Caldera Honey stall.

That is only half of one big fat juicy finger lime on my yoghurt 😋

AND there’s more NEW!

Re Sugo that translates as King of Sauce is commencing this week and will be located very close to our deliciously popular fresh pastas made by Fabian at Woodland Valley Farm using their eggs from their smaller hens, pullets.

Simo Buzzetti is busy making his sauces as I write this blog. That is how fresh they are. Learning everything he knows about cooking delicious Italian sauces from his Nonna in Tuscany he has a profound knowledge of the real genuine Italian flavours. Simo says that his full range of gourmet products showcase the combination of this strong Italian heritage with the world cuisine experience of his nomadic lifestyle. His hope is that his “sauces bring a smile to your lips, a warmth to you belly and a nostalgia of the traditional Italy to your heart”. Shown are three of the four flavours. 


Sylva Lining Organics new season blood oranges, mandarins, limes and Lennon’s lemonade fruit are in now as well as their own finger limes.

Stallholder Changes this Week: 


  • Tusta is back with his popular
  • Heart and Halo boxed frozen meals
  • Our week four pop up White Wallaby Farm is back – Bronwyn brings their with farm grown dried herbs, herbed vinegar and herbed salts.



ABSENT this week ONLY – All Natural Meat Co

Mai Thai for Vietnamese Soup

Entertainment:  Broadfoot

Weather:  Mostly a beautiful sunny day with temperatures ranging from 11 – 16 degrees to the low to mid 20s.


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