Flowers for Mother’s Day and Warming Spicy Harissa

How about a Farmers’ Market Hamper for Mother’s Day this year?

We have such a wonderful variety of value-added produce at the market it would be so easy to prepare a delicious market hamper for your Mother’s Day gift and include some super fresh produce as well. 


Some beautiful flowers:  sunflowers from Everest Farm Stall  or roses and mixed flowers from Jumping Red Ant Farm Stall.

Do you love hot and spicy food? If so then Spice Palace’s green and red harissa chilli pastes are for you. With chillies in abundance over the past few months Duska and Rob have been making lots of Harissa –  the red is a fiery and garlicky spice paste that’s traditionally served alongside bread, stews and couscous dishes.


Harissa is so versatile it can be used in many ways.  Here are a few:

  • mixed in mayo or through yoghurt for a delicious sauce
  • mixed with honey and rubbed on chicken wings and drum sticks before roasting
  • for rich flavour add it to mince based dishes
  • as a dip on a cheese platter (green is recommended for this).

Spice Palace use either their own or locally grown organic red chillies and garlic, plus cold pressed olive oil and freshly roasted cumin and coriander seeds in their red harissa. It really does add a fantastic zing to any meal.  


AND their spices are superb. Chermoula has a mild to medium flavor and is great rubbed on fish, poultry and meat. It is also delicious in an omelet and try sprinkling it on baked vegies with oil as it brings a truly authentic Moroccan flavor without you having to leave home. I also LOVE their Ras al Hanout and their Zatar so I will tell you more about them next week.

While visiting the Spice Palace stall have a taste of their Grumpy Grandma’s olives. They bring these to the market for us to enjoy as well as their olive oils. Grumpy Grandma’s olives are naturally cured olives in brine based on the very popular style use by the founders of the business Denyse and  Alan Hodgson. You will also find a range of infused olive oils including wood smoked oil and semi dried olives too.  

For a quick snack there is nothing better than a loaf of Crabbes Creek Woodfired baguette ripped and dipped into Grumpy Grandma’s olive oil and then Spice Palace’s macadamia dukkah – YUMMO!

Stallholder Changes this Week: 

ABSENT due to seasonal variations:

  • Blueberry Fields – season has ended – returning July
  • Narbey’s Best Avocados – Doug and Blanch sold out of their Shephards so won’t be back until June/July

Entertainment:  Joseph Brown who brings a positive message expressed through a vibrant fusion of sounds inspired by Reggae, Funk and Hip-Hop.


Weather:  Mostly sunny with light winds. The temperature range is from an overnight of about 12degrees reaching the mid to high 20s! Wow!